LAN-party Managment System

LANMS is a LAN-party Management System and has been developed over the past six years and still continuing. We finally want to share this system with others.

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Optimized For All Devices

There is no modern device this application won't work on. Easy to use on the go or at your desk.

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Your Ideas = New Features

While you come up with great new ideas, we will implement them. Just report them to us and we'll get to work.

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Continuous Development

We continuously work on this project and will always implement and further improve it. No issue getting left behind.

Why should you choose LANMS?

There is a handfull of reasons you should use LANMS, but here is a few.

Easy Intregration
Easy Intregration

A API will be provided for easy integration to other systems you would like to share data to. If it's not there, we'll make it.

Latest Technology
Latest Technology

LANMS runs the latest packages to keep the performance and security up-to-date. Vulnerabilities will be patched, always.

Cloud Service
Cloud Service

It's all in the cloud, and you don't have to think about hosting or administrating the webserver.

Attendee Collaboration
Attendee Collaboration

Make it easy for users collaborate, find information, and contact crew when it is needed.

User Permissions
User Permissions

All functions is locked down by users or by permissions. If you shouldn't see it you won't be seeing it.

All-in-one Storage
All-in-one Storage

Keep your news, crew, users, vistors, tickets and more all in one place. Easily accessible from anywhere.

Without LANMS, it would not have been as easy to keep track of visitors, tickets and seats. We will definitely use LANMS for years to come!
Runar Klemetsdal
Downlink DG
Thank you for making it a pleasant and easy-to-use system for our LAN pary.
Anders Hansen

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1 Free domain on registration or transfer, for annuall billing only.

2 SSL Certificate is required to perform payments with Stripe thru LANMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will always be a long list of questions, but here is a few of the good ones.

Which browsers are supported?

Latest version of modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11. Modern browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Is LANMS GDPR ready?

Yes, if you are running v2.4 or higher. If you are running a earlier version it is somewhat ready.

How is payments handled?

LANMS uses Stripe for online payments, and human input for payments at the event.

Why does LANMS require a SSL Certificate?

Thats because Stripe requires all API requests mase must be over HTTPS. Stripe is used for taking payments.

Are there hidden costs for the initial setup, etc.?

There are NO hidden fees, your license covers all listed features, full support, and all of our various customization options. But other professional services are also available upon request.

Is there support for a mobile app?

Yes, there is! But it is very limited right now. Our focus is on the main system at the moment, but for LANMS 3.0 we will have more possiblity to integrate a better app solution.

How long does it typically take to started with LANMS?

The average time to get fully up and running with LANMS is 2 days or less. We recommend you start with the basic setup, like setting up seating, uploading logos, posting a news article, create a few information pages and testing the seating system before going live.

Who is LANMS for?

Anyone who would like to host a LAN-party. It doesn't matter if you hava small LAN-party of 50 people or have a large group of 300, or even more.

What languages are supported?

Currently only Norwegian and English is supported, but we are willing to translate it to other languages aswell, free of charge.

Does this have a dark theme as standard?

Yes, of course! User selectable too!

Do you have any questions?

Would be happy to hear how we can help you out.

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